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Unpopular Opinion: Audiobooks DO Count as Reading!

Controversy on my blog already? Let’s be honest, some of the divisive topics in the bookish community seem trivial in the grand scheme of things: paperback vs. hardback, book consumerism vs. supporting local libraries, Kindle vs. Nook and the most contentious of all audiobooks vs. physical books. Nothing can stir up trouble more than the debate about audiobooks. “Are you truly reading if you’re listening to an audiobook?” “It doesn’t count”. “you’re being lazy!”. So to all people who suggest that audiobooks don’t count as “real” books: mind your business. HAHAHA I’m totally kind of kidding. But in all seriousness, here is why I love and will always advocate for audiobooks:

Reason 1: If we consider some facets of reading, namely comprehension, listening to a book is a way for us to comprehend it as well. Think about children who have not began reading independently or may not have mastered the skill of reading. Parents who read to their children expose them to sounds the words make and before a child starts to read on their own, they have experienced many worlds. Audiobooks afford us the same opportunity.

When you think about it, audiobooks are just bedtime stories that can be read to you at all hours of the day.

Reason 2: Audiobooks are pro-multitasking. They are a busy bookworm’s dream. While I listen to audiobooks I: commute to work, do my chores, walk my dog, lesson plan, and tend to my houseplants.

Potting my plants and listening to audiobooks is honestly a form of therapy for me. When listening to the right book, I can feel as if I’m in another world while simultaneously nurturing a living thing.

In my last blog post, I mentioned some of the plants I have propagated in water. It took me some time to get a system going but I have figured out how to successfully transfer a rooted cutting from water to soil. If you’re going to try it out, here are some of my tips:

  • Re-use nursery pots when transferring your cuttings. You will want to make sure your plant isn’t in a pot that is too big or doesn’t have the proper drainage. Nursery pots are the best and they’re free (if you never throw them away when you repot a plant).

  • Don’t leave the cuttings in water for too long. I have found the roots get a little bit too soft. It depends on the plant but it can get nice roots (about 1-3 inches)with it being in water for about 2-3 weeks.

  • Make sure the plant and the water is getting proper lightning. You will still want the leaves of the plant to stay healthy.

  • SOIL MIX IS VERY IMPORTANT (all caps to emphasize just how important). My soil mix includes 1 part Miracle Gro potting mix, 1 part Miracle Gro succulent potting mix, and a cup of perlite. Super basic but super successful.

  • After you transfer your cutting into soil, you will want to make sure the soil stays moist but also don’t drown it. We don’t want those new roots to go into shock.

  • Biggest tip of all: PRAY and have back up cuttings in water ready to go, JUST in case it doesn’t work out.

Reason 3: Some books sound better narrated. I love a physical book but there have been SOOOO many audiobooks, with the help of some bomb narrators, that have truly transformed my reading experience. For the record, this blog STANS Bahni Turpin and Elizabeth Acevedo. I really got into audiobooks last year and at one point I was looking for books narrated specifically by these women. Voice acting is a skill. These narrators can make you feel and evoke the emotion the author intended for their readers. Some narrators are a hit or miss though but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. If I don’t like their voice, I’ll revert back to the trusty voice in my head and read the physical or e-book copy.

Reason 4: If I still haven’t convinced you to try out audiobooks, could I also add: they can be free! I listen to audiobooks by checking them out through my local library via the Libby app. I'm able to take them wherever I go. They are downloaded directly to my phone so if for some reason I lose internet connection, the reading continues.

If you need some recommendations, here are some of my favorites of all time:

I challenge you to listen to at least 10 minutes of one of these books and if you aren’t hooked, I’ll cut an aglet off my least favorite hoodie!

But at the end of the day, books are to be consumed in whatever way YOU see fit. Don’t let anyone shame what you read and how you choose to read it. Read on, folks!

Do you enjoy audiobooks? If so, what are your faves? If not, how do you prefer to read? Do you have any plant propagation tips?

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